C.R.E. Tactical

​​Who is eligible for a Utah permit:

*Minimum requirements for application for a concealed firearms permit in Utah are:

Applicant must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a provisional concealed firearm permit or
21 years of age to apply for a concealed firearm permit.

Proof of good character…whereas the applicant;

has not been convicted of a felony;
has not been convicted of any crime of violence;
has not been convicted of any offense involving the use of alcohol;
has not been convicted of any offenses involving the unlawful use of narcotics or other controlled substances;
has not been convicted of any offenses involving moral turpitude;
has not been convicted of any offense involving domestic violence;
has not been adjudicated by a court of a state or of the United States as mentally incompetent, unless the adjudication has been withdrawn or reversed
is qualified to purchase and possess a firearm pursuant to Section 76-10-503 and federal law

*A criminal background check is conducted for all applicants.

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course

The course offered goes over the mandatory minimum requirements set forth by the State of Utah. After taking the course, you must submit your completed application and $63.25 to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and pass a background check. Once submitted, the BCI will issue your permit within 60 days provided you meet the State of Utah's minimum criteria to carry a concealed firearm. Utah Denial, Revocation, and Suspension reference can be found  h​e​r​e.

The course consists of basic handgun operation, instruction in safe loading, unloading, storage, and carrying firearms concealed. As well as covering firearm safety and Utah State laws pertaining to firearms.

There is no "live fire" training in this course. The course is approximately 5 hours.  

​ ​*** You DO NOT need a New York State Pistol Permit to attend this class.***

*** Utah’s Permit does NOT allow you to possess a pistol in New York State.***
*** You MUST have a valid New York State Pistol Permit to possess a pistol in NYS.***

*** This is NOT an NRA-approved course***

*** Utah Application fee of $63.25 is NOT included ***

Click here for the mandatory training curriculum


Why should you get your Utah Firearms Permit if you don't live in Utah?

Obtaining the Utah Concealed Carry Permit allows the permit-holder to carry a handgun in up to 36 states. New York State residents can carry in 30+ States under the Utah concealed firearm permit.

No New York Permit required, You DO NOT need any prior permits or experience to take this class.Must be 18 years or older.

Obtaining your Utah Firearms Permit means that you can carry in 30 + states across the country! Currently the Utah CCW Permit is the MOST HONORED permit in all the nation.

Utah Permit valid for 5 years and can be renewed online. Click here for renewal information.

Lower Concealed firearms permit cost compared to other states.

Utah law makes no distinction or defines what type of firearm a concealed firearm permit holder can possess or how many.



What to Bring with you to class (mandatory):

1. Course Fee (Cash Only Please—NO CHECKS!!)


3. NO Firearms or Ammunition permitted in the classroom

**See individual course flyer to determine if 2x2 passport size photo is required**